The Story

Simple. Loving. Fun.

Those are 3 words that can be used to describe my inspiration for this catalog of toys, games and books.  My inspiration, of course, being not just one grandmother, but all of my grandparents.  While they instilled in me a sense of self-worth, integrity, manners and a sense of humor, they also taught me that it isn’t necessarily the flashiest things in this world that will provide you the most satisfaction.

Whenever we rolled up into the driveway of my grandparents after a 3 hour drive stuffed in a station wagon, we would dart inside of the house to embrace two of the most lovingly good people we will ever truly know in our lives.  After the greeting, however, we were equally quick to ask and then investigate for our standard issued paper bag of goodies.

As most know, the vast majority of  us are not blessed with mountains of disposable income. My  grandparents were no exception.  What they lacked  in funds, they made up for in creativity, thoughtfulness and down right child-like fun.  Our oft-hidden paper bags were filled with paper planes, whoopie cushions, pop rocks, balloons and jacks.  There was always variety and it made our short weekend trips even more priceless and fun.

And when they could afford a nicer gift, both sets of grandparents made sure that it was something that would last and was made with love.  Carefully made, hand-crafted toys, games and hand-me-down books that my father and mother had read when they were first of the age themselves.

My grandfather even made his own tripoly set, walking sticks and other crafts for us all to play with.

And we thrived in those days without the newest game console at our disposal.

My hope is that with this modest website, you find some ideas for your loved ones,  You bring some home and you spend time laughing, sharing and loving each other’s company.  While some of these toys may very well be on this earth forever, our loved ones are not.

So enjoy!

And please remember that while some games, toys and books may seemingly look modest, the return in love, fun and peace of mind is anything but.